Abdel Ali Slimani

Released 08 January 1996

  1. Laziza
  2. Habibti
  3. Zeyna
  4. Mraya
  5. Yasmin
  6. Alger
  7. Hadi
  8. Ana Guellile
  9. Ana Guellile Dub

Liner notes


To my mother, I’ll never forget you.
Pour ma mère, je ne t’oublierai jamais.



“When I left, you were a little girl. Now time has passed. Unbelievable!”
“Quand je suis parti, tu étais toute petite.
Le temps a passé. C’est incroyable!”



“Your beloved is away, but he will return to the village to marry you.
They will paint your hand with henna and dance day and night.”
“Ton amoureux est parti, mais il reviendra au village pour t’épouser. Ils te peindront les mains avec du henné et danseront jour et nuit.”



The émigré looks in the mirror and sees his father, his mother, his hometown.
L’émigré regarde dans le miroir et voit son père, sa mère, et sa ville natale.


To my daughter with love.
Pour ma fille adorée.



Dedicated to my friends from El Anasser, Algiers, and all Algerians.
Dédié à mes amis d’El Anasser, Algiers, et à tous les algériens.



In praise of the Algerian National Football team, and their coach, Majer.
A la gloire de l’équipe de football algérienne, et de son entraîneur, Majer.


Ana Guellile

“I am a poor man, maybe it’s God’s will. You can cross the oceans, you’ll never find anyone like me.”
“Je suis pauvre, peut-être que c’est la volonté de Dieu. Tu peux aller au- delà des océans, tu ne trouveras jamais personne comme moi.”



All tracks written by Slimani, Adams, Reynolds, Wobble

Abdel Ali Slimani vocals, darbuka, bendir, tar, kraksh Justin Adams electric & spanish guitars, oud, backing vocals John Reynolds drums, programming, backing vocals 
Jah Wobble bass

with guests: Sinéad O’Connor vocals on ‘Mraya’ Natacha Atlas vocals on ‘Habibti’ Caroline Dale cello on ‘Mraya’ Carol Isaacs accordion on ‘Hadi’ Nacer Khenniche darbuka on ‘Mraya’

Executive producer Jah Wobble for 30 Hertz Productions 
Recording produced by John Reynolds Assistant producer Justin Adams

Recorded at John Reynolds Studios Mixed by Mark Ferda
 Mixed at 30 Hertz Studios

All tracks published by Copyright Control/Warner Chappell

Management David Jaymes Associates Ltd

Thanks to Ma famille, Dickie Daws, Rachid, Lamia, Sofiane, Mustapha Terki, Rim (Local Rock), Leila, Khadidja, Fred, Khamissa, Souad, Yazid, Ahmed, Ali Mabrouk, Youcef, Makhlouf, Rick Glanfield, Michaela, Saad, Tony D. Giorgio, Salah, Samira, Sinéad O’Connor, Mustapha Messahel, Sadek, Hassen, Yasmina, Redouane, Djaafar, All the staff at WOMAD/Real World.

Sinéad O’Connor appears courtesy of Ensign/Chrysalis

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