New Dawn


Released 20 July 1997

  1. Rog Rogosho (Changing)
  2. Cidlaan Dareemaya (I Feel Alone)
  3. Heei Yaa Alahobalin Hobalowa
  4. Hafun (Soft)
  5. Shubahada
  6. Ada Bere Chaelka (You Plant The Love)
  7. Indo Ashak (Love Eyes)
  8. Nin Hun Heloha Modina (Don't Believe That A Bad Man Is A Good Husband)
  9. Ulimada (The Professors)
  10. Kafiyo Kaladeri (Opposites)

Liner notes

A circle of singers sit on decorated pillows, drinking sweet tea. The atmosphere is intense but relaxed as they slowly warm up, singing their way through old songs of love and death, of the beautiful lover with the long neck, of desire and of the sensible advice of the wise old men.

This is the good life. Lots of talk and music among friends, witty and sharp comments back and forth between performers and audience— this is no passive crowd. People sing and play along gently, always respecting the direction and authority of the master singers. When the song culminates, or when the singer ad-libs a double entendre lyric variation, they explode in laughter and shouting. There is no amplification. To hear the singer, musicians keep the volume down while maintaining the high energy. Traditionally, the nomads could not afford to carry instruments on the camels, so they learnt to beat on the nearest thing that sounded good; today, teacups and bottles are perfect percussion instruments— clear, but not loud. The musicians follow every little sign and wink as they support the lead singer, interpreting the sorrow and joy of the people.

On this album, Waaberi is joined by Egyptian master percussionist Hossam Ramzy. They had a lot of fun together, proving that Somali and Middle Eastern music is still closely related. These performers are the elite of the National Theatre— once a great troupe of musicians, dancers and actors before civil war destroyed everything.

‘Waaberi’ is the Somali world for morning. After years of exile, some of the artists have finally found each other again. I think they will manage to create a new dawn for Somali music.

Liner notes by Søren Kjær Jensen


  • This is a gloriously accessible upbeat collection of nomadic dance songs that sound like an arabic-tinged form of raw R'n'B The Guardian (UK)
  • Mursal and her ensemble draw on a potent mix of African and Arabic influences to create music that is at once pensive and propulsive, full of subtle rhythm and reverence. Philadelphia Enquirer (USA)
  • A joyous collection of traditional Somali rhythms... powerful love songs and infectuous dance tunes that is also influenced by the singer's love of Western jazz. Mursal's is a remarkable story of human endurance. Billboard (USA)
  • Mursal, blessed with a low contralto voice of sinuous grace and depth, achieves tension, tenderness and danger ... Her singing is very accessible to Western ears... Folk Roots (UK)


New Dawn: Track by Track

Producer Søren Kjær Jensen looks at the songs on renowned Somalian ensemble Waaberi's 1997 album.



Album produced by Simon Emmerson and Søren Kjær Jensen
Recorded at Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire, UK

Engineer: Martin Russell; assistant engineer: Russell Kearney; additional recording at Target Music, Denmark by Søren Kjær Jensen. Mixed and mastered by Martin Russell at Sonic Innovation, London.

The musicians: Maryam Mursal vocals; Kadra Dahir vocals, tea cup; Nima Yassin vocals, tea cup; Salah Qasim oud, vocals; Abdi Nuur Allaleh vocals, water bottles; Sheikh Ahmed “Madey” vocals, bongos; Mohamed Ali “Kunail” vocals.

Special Guest: Hossam Ramzy tabla.

A Real World Design

Graphic Design by Anna-Karin Sundin. Photographs of Waaberi by Thomas Søndergaard courtesy of Politiken/Polfoto; photographs of Somalia by Søren Kjær Jensen and Jan Thøgersen; photographs of cowrie-shells by Tristan Manco/Anna-Karin Sundin. Sleeve notes by Søren Kjær Jensen.

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Producer Søren Kjær Jensen looks at the songs on renowned Somalian ensemble Waaberi's 1997 album.

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