New Moon


Released 26 June 1995

  1. Adarghal Introduction
  2. Adarghal (The Blind In Spirit)
  3. Achaah (Resentment)
  4. Lawan (Time)
  5. Walagh (I Observe)
  6. Ayafrouk (The Pigeon)
  7. Imanza (Ancestors)
  8. JSK (The Sporting Youth Of Kabyl)
  9. Igganniw (There Are No More Stars In My Sky)
  10. Amegh Asinigh (Bad News)

Liner notes

The poetic and passionate music of a man who brings his ancient culture into the twentieth century, in collaboration with musicians from South America and the Ukraine.

Abdelli is a Berber of the Kabyle people, indigenous North Africans who have inhabited the region since pre-Arab times. His instrument is the mandole, an Algerian instrument that is similar to the Portuguese guitar. Abdelli deftly blends traditional Berber music with Arab music of the urban environment.

His musical ensemble includes Moroccans, a percussionist on darbukka and bendir, violinist, and a Tunisian ney (flute) player. He currently lives in exile in Belgium, and has won continental acclaim for his performances and collaborations throughout Europe and for his recordings with the Real World label.


Further Listening

  • Among Brothers


    Released 05 May 2003

    Abdelli journeyed for three years over four continents to create this album: Cape Verde to Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso and Belgium. Abdelli’s beautiful, heart-rending Berber songs come together with the extraordinary musicians they encountered on their route.
  • Real Sugar

    Paban Das Baul & Sam Mills

    Released 24 March 1997

    Gorgeous melodies, the coolest contemporary arrangements - from sensual Bengali ballads to London drum and bass. Real Sugar is the result of a collaboration which began in 1988 on the veranda of Paban’s house in Calcutta. Londoner Sam Mills applied modern pop sensibilities to the rich music of the Bauls of Bengal.

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