102 Metres East (live at Real World Studios)

Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell

Taken from the Real World X release 102 Metres East.

The musical pairing of fiddle player Owen Spafford and guitarist Louis Campbell brings together English traditional and contemporary experimental music in visceral and disarmingly emotional performances which have rapidly made these instrumentalists the talk of the folk scene. Their delivery sweeps the full dynamic spectrum: often beginning with the gentlest of notes, beckoning the listeners to lean forward as the story begins, and then rising to incredible peaks played out with raging intention. Each musical piece tells a different tale through a unique musical language the pair have created together which manages to orbit many different sound worlds, from the English folk dance tune to chamber music and post-rock, blurring the lines between what is traditional, composed and improvised.

Recorded by Katie May, assisted by Ben Koch. Filmed and edited by York Tillyer.

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