Maisha (Official Video)

The Zawose Queens

‘Maisha’ is a song whose lyrics tell of the daily fight for a better life, whose potent ancient-to-future sound finds the Queens on vocals, illimba and percussion, Wamwiduka on backing vocals and percussion and club-focused production including drums, synths and 808 Bass.

Cinematography: Denis Kayange & Michael Mbwambo
Location scouting, co-ordination & styling: Perpetua Waziri & Aziza Ongala
Editing & colour grading: Odhrán Mullan

Vocals, illimba: Pendo Zawose & Leah Zawose
Backing vocals: Wamwiduka Band
Programming, drums, 808 bass, Babatone, guitar, synths: Tom Excell
Programming: Oli Barton-Wood
Manyanga shaker: Peter Mashaka
Percussion: Pendo Zawose

Produced, recorded and mixed by Oli Barton-Wood & Tom Excell
Written by Zawose Queens, Tom Excell & Oli Barton-Wood
Published by Real World Works Ltd./Domino Publishing/Faber Alt Music Publishing

English translation from original Kiswahili and Kigogo languages

Maisha (Life)

Eee father, eeh Mother
Eee father, eeh Mother
I have sorrow, gwee

I am struggling
I am struggling
I am struggling
I am struggling

Hustling is hard
Work is hard
Life is also hard

I am struggling
I am struggling
I am struggling
I am struggling

We are looking for a better life
We are looking for money
Every day we struggle

Ahee hehee

This hunger
This hunger

Ayaa hehee
Ayaa hehee

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