AmmA (Official Video)

Bab L’ Bluz

French-Moroccan power quartet Bab L’ Bluz, release the second track from their album Swaken. ‘AmmA’ draws on music from north-east Morocco and influences from Tunisia and Algeria in a committed rallying call of opposition to sexist and patriarchal mindsets.

‘AmmA’ has a pent-up energy that burst into passionate ululations as singer Yousra Mansour narrates the story of mothers confronted with the realities of a society marked by injustices. “Awaken, women/Rise, women/I am not half a man/That time is over,” she declaims, railing against the oppression found in archaic systems where women are deprived of education, fundamental freedoms and exposed to violence. “Everyone, repeat after us…”

Swaken, released on 10 May, is eleven tracks that spark and pulse with kinetic, pedal-to-the-metal energy. Ancient-to-future music, rooted as much in psychedelic blues, funk and rock as in the trancey, propulsive rhythms of northern Africa’s Maghreb: Gnawa, Amazigh, Hassani and Houara music.

Director: Karim Chater
Director of Photography: Soufiane Lachguer
Editing: Samadoss Maitoul, Soufiane Lachguer
Colour grading: Soufiane Lachguer
Stylist: DWB
Cast: Kamar Mansour, Leila El Ghazouani, Rania Hizraoui, Sanaa Elhaddad, Sara Boudaoud

Lyrics: Yousra Mansour
Composers: Yousra Mansour and Brice Bottin

Yousra: lead vocal, Electric mandole, percussions
Brice: Guembri, back vocals, percussions
Ibrahim Terkemani: drums, percussions

Special thanks to: Kamar, Leila, Rania, Sanaa, Sara, Joudia, Latifa, Nadine, Coline, Brahim, Othmane Bensalmia, Mhamed Menjra, Samadoss, Benjamin, Quentin , Bouch Bouch , Badreddine, Tarik, the people of Sidi Moumen.

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