Búho (Official Video)


‘Búho’ is taken from the EP Antes del Amanecer, out on 29 March 2024 via our Real World X imprint.

Video by Simon Hernández

Antes del Amanecer, meaning ‘before sunrise’, is the creation of Colombian electronic artist Savan. It’s an eight-track aural journey to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta — an invitation to a musical ritual inspired by the sounds of the birds who roam these mountains, and their role in the local mythology told by the indigenous groups who live there. The music is also interconnected with the practice of rainforest medicine ceremonies which formed part of the creation process of this remarkable recording.

Musical composer, sound artist and environmentalist Jose Miguel Navas, a.k.a. Savan, has immersed himself in the ancestral music of the Amazon and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta by making recording sessions with indigenous singers and ancestral grandparents from these regions. On this EP he collaborates with Epiara Murillo (a.k.a. Maitara) on vocals, who from childhood has been linked to ancestral knowledge with various communities living in the mountains, and David Felipe on harmonica, who performs every weekend at yagé medicine ceremonies.

On ‘Búho’, the owl is the protagonist in a haunting conversation between singer Maitara and the traditional kuisi flute.

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