Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)

Various Artists

Rita Morar was introduced to Adrian Sherwood by Asian Dub Foundation’s John Pandit G, and Dub No Frontiers felt like the perfect fit. “As an independent female artist I wanted to write something that conveyed both my vulnerability and my strength, how through our music we are uplifted and become empowered.”

Artist Peter Harris created the video in collaboration with animator Llyr Williams. “As Rita’s song translates to ‘Hear My Voice’, I thought that sentiment could fit well with the overall theme of powerful women in history fighting for their rights that I had painted for the album artwork. Llyr suggested we begin the video in a ‘garden of life’ in all its diversity. This then segues into a suffragette activist being arrested. Moving forward in history to an urban New York landscape, Afeni Shakur Davis, Barbara Jordan and Flo Kennedy emerge from the background. The scene then changes from the city to Cuban greenery where Vilma Espin and other historical figures from different parts of the world appear. Finally, the scene returns back to the opening garden of life.”

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