Niafiyé (Official Video)

Badd Lime

‘Niafiyé’ is the debut single by French production duo Badd Lime in collaboration with Malian rap artist Ami Yèrèwolo. It is the first track to be released from their forthcoming Real World X EP Noveau Né.

Composer: Badd Lime (Benjamin Dupuis and Antoine Delavaud)
Author/ singer: Ami Yèrèwolo , recorded at Studio Zack Prod (Bamako, Mali)
Additional guitar: Bainy Diabaté, recorded at Studio Diane (Bamako, Mali)
Mixed by Benjamin Dupuis and Antoine Delavaud
Mastering: Deviant Lab by Thibault Chaumont
Shooting: Shambar
Video editing: Ronan Le Tinier
Dancers: Krotoum Kone, Ousmane Watara, Aboubacar Sidiki Togola, Farima Kone, Alassane Dezon
AD: Benjamin Dupuis and Antoine Delavaud
Producer: Benjamin Dupuis
Label: Real World X

Niafiyé is the debut single by Badd Lime, a French production duo collaborating with some of the most exciting new artists emerging on the West African hip hop scene. They are the latest signings to our new imprint Real World X.

‘Niafiyé’ takes its name from a phrase in Yéréwolo’s native Bambara language, “Nè y’a fi yè”, which means ‘I told you’. She warns that life is hard, so people should pay attention to their treatment of others, because it will come back to haunt them one day.

“On ‘Niafiyé’, I address those who criticise others in society,” says Ami. “In the lyrics, I am calling out the people who betray and tarnish the names of other people to get ahead.”

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