The Women of Real World

A run down of some of the inspirational and talented female musicians we have worked with throughout...

9Bach’s Lisa Jen Brown on the art of storytelling

If you have a story to tell, my default setting is to always tell it. 

Darandi: Track by Track

Learn more about the tracks on Aurelio Martinez's fourth studio album Darandi.

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Stuart McCallum on recording The Breath’s ‘Carry Your Kin’

Stuart McCallum, guitarist and songwriter from The Breath, on recording their debut album.

Lándini: Track by Track

Dig deeper into the themes and inspiration behind the Honduran singer and musician's third album.

Uninterrupted Continuous Image: Creating the Real World identity

A conversation with Malcolm Garrett and Garry Mouat, designers of the iconic colour bar and artwork.

Producer Kevin Killen remembers the birth of Real World Studios

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The Truth: Track by Track

Exploring the tracks on Justin Vali's 1995 release, The Truth (Ny Marina)