Society of Sound: Listen and You’ll See

This month’s Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound release is a celebration of 10 years of outstanding music in the shape of a retrospective compilation— 'Listen and You’ll See'.

Testament to Bowers & Wilkins’ passion for sound and indeed, for music, Society of Sound is a bespoke space where albums by big names and new discoveries are gifted each month to members, on glorious, high resolution downloads.

Superb sound. Incredible music. Twelve times a year, for a decade.

Cherry picking highlights wasn’t easy. Society of Sound’s back catalogue pulses with music both accessible and unexpected, uplifting and thought provoking. Music that runs the gamut of emotions, soundtracking feelings, communicating experiences, forging connections. Where else might one hear everything from club remixes to Cuban choirs, million-selling superstars to delicate field recordings made in a Zimbabwean forest? Such sheer variety, of course, is part of the appeal— as is the element of surprise, of discovery.

The members of Society of Sound aren’t told what will drop into their download box each month. But they expect, and receive, sonic excellence…

Find out more and experience Society of Sound here

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By Online Editor

Published on Thu, 24 May 18

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