Montparnasse Musique announce second EP ‘Origins’; share ‘Niambo’

Montparnasse Musique — the cross-continental production duo comprising DJs Nadjib Ben Bella and Aero Manyelo — have announced new EP Origins as the follow-up to their successful 2021 self-titled debut. The EP is out on 3rd June via the Real World X imprint, and is preceded by the single ‘Niambo’, out March 2022.

Contrasting with the hybrid acoustic sounds of the Congotronics scene which featured heavily on their first EP, Origins is somewhat a prequel to the duo’s eventual collaborations with the likes of Mbongwana Star and Kasai Allstars. These tracks represent some of the earliest creations between the duo, who formed Montparnasse Musique during a spontaneous all-night production party after a gig in Paris.


With the Origins EP, Montparnasse Musique have their sights sharply focused on the summer dancefloors. From the dark, brooding opener ‘Niambo’ to the synth frenzy of the final track ‘Lasobela’, a futuristic Afro tech / Afro house aesthetic pervades, with glassy synths and aggressive kicks being met by fuzzy analog charm and inspiration from vinyl deep-cuts.

Cover art for Montparnasse Musique's EP 'Origins' by Hachim Bahous.

Nadjib Ben Bella is a DJ and producer who draws influences from the gnawa music of his North African roots and a diverse range of Sub-Saharan sounds from musicians he has worked with over the years. Most recently he has been touring Europe with West African band Les Amazones d’Afrique. Aero Manyelo, a name now synonymous with the burgeoning South African house scene, has honed a distinctive electronic sound that translates across the international club circuit and has attracted a broad range of collaborators — including Idris Elba and The Mahotella Queens on the opening track of an album inspired by the Nelson Mandela biopic Long Walk to Freedom.

Origins by Montparnasse Musique is out on June 3, 2022 via Real World X, an imprint of Real World Records. ‘Niambo’ is out on all digital platforms on March 22, 2022.

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Main image: Aero Manyelo and Nadjib Ben Bella, a.k.a. Montparnasse Musique. Photo credit: Serge Deleu.

Published on Wed, 23 March 22

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