South African cellist Abel Selaocoe pays tribute to Hukwe Zawose on new track ‘Zawose’

Rising star of the classical music world Abel Selacoe has paid tribute to the late Tanzanian music legend Hukwe Zawose in 'Zawose', the latest track from his forthcoming debut album.

Selacoe said his new single was “in gratitude to master traditional musician Hukwe Zawose and the people of Tanzania for playing an important role in South Africa’s victory over the oppressive regime of Apartheid.”

Abel Selaocoe plays Zawose (for Hukwe Zawose)

Abel Selaocoe is redefining the parameters of the cello. He moves seamlessly across a plethora of genres and styles, from collaborations with world musicians and beatboxers, to concertos and solo performances. Selaocoe combines virtuosic performance with improvisation, singing and body percussion, and is devoted to composing works and curating programmes that highlight the links between Western and non-Western musical traditions, broadening the horizons of classical music to reach a more diverse audience.

Recommended Listening

  • Chibite

    Hukwe Zawose

    Released 16 June 1996

    Enchanting, innovative songs from Tanzania's national treasure, using the vital tools of his musical ancestors: thumb piano, fiddle flute and voice. Hukwe Zawose’s songs are rooted in his traditional homeland and reflect the balance between earthy humanity and spiritual power.

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Main image: Abel Selacoe. Photo credit: Christina Ebenezer.

Published on Sun, 03 July 22

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