Totó la Momposina says goodbye to the stage

Totó la Momposina’s family and management announced in Colombia that the time has come for this great singer to retire from the stage. The maestra will say goodbye this September closing, at the age of 82, a wonderfully rich chapter in the history of Colombian music.

Totó has therefore reached a definitive moment in her long artistic career which has been carried out with absolute dedication, love and devotion, and it is time to value and protect all that she has achieved. It is important that all those people around the world who have been touched and inspired by Totó’s music, by her charisma and energy, are aware of her state of health and can offer their love, energy, solidarity and support.

The fact that has determined this decision is because Totó has had neuro-cognitive difficulties for some time that now prevent her from continuing to perform on stage as she did uninterruptedly for six decades, rescuing, renewing and disseminating the traditional music of Colombia on five continents.

Meanwhile Toto’s management team and family are ensuring that Totó receives the care she needs and is able to enjoy a quality of life that maintains her joy and connection to music and dance. More announcements will come as her team develop ideas to support Totó and celebrate her incredible career, some of which her fans and colleagues will be able to participate in if they wish.

Toto’s work over the years has been of a high quality, honest and innovative. In turn she always demanded the best from her children and grandchildren, and so through them Toto’s legacy will continue to flourish. Her children, Marco Vinicio, Angelica and Euridice are those fortunate to receive this rich heritage along with her grandchildren, some of whom have already performed and recorded with Totó. ‘Los Tambores de Totó’, Totó’s band led by Marco Vinicio and featuring guest singers, now embarks on a new chapter. The future will be interesting.

Featured release

  • La Candela Viva

    Totó la Momposina

    Released 09 September 1993

    La Candela Viva was the album that ignited Totó la Momposina’s international career and saw her recognised as a star in her native Colombia. It was partly recorded during the Real World Recording Week of 1991 and partly in 1992 with legendary producer Phil Ramone, and presents three distinct musical styles - Tambores, Sextetos and Gaitas – in a set of inspired performances.

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Main image: Totó la Momposina at WOMAD Festival in Reading, 1991. Photo credit: Andrew Kingsbury.

Published on Mon, 19 September 22

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