Winners of Les Amazones d’Afrique Remix Contest announced

The winning entries in the Les Amazones d'Afrique Remix Contest have finally been chosen. After over 2000 sign-ups, 500 entries, and many hours of listening, we are extremely happy to present the first, second and third place remixes. The final decision was made by world-class producers Jacknife Lee (U2, The Killers, Snow Patrol) and Che Pope (Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, The Weeknd).

The standard in the contest was incredibly high, which made even choosing the final 12 an extremely difficult task. However, we have reached a final selection of three remixes. We would like to congratulate Yohanne Simon (1st place), Luvanga (2nd place) and Sean Tomalty (3rd place) on their well-produced, creative re-imaginings of the Les Amazones d’Afrique song Love.

Universal Audio, our partners in this remix contest, will present the winners with some wonderful high-end audio gear— Universal Audio Apollo x8 (1st), Apollo x4 (2nd), Apollo Twin X QUAD (3rd)— and each winner will receive a copy of Les Amazones d’Afrique’s album on double coloured vinyl and a selection of Real World and Universal Audio merchandise.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in the remix contest. It was a wonderful project for us to work on throughout these uncertain times. The creativity and imagination on display was truly inspiring, and we hope to hear some more of your work in future remix contests.

Read a little bit more on each of the finalists, and some words from the judges, below.

1. Yohanne Simon

Yohanne is a music producer and DJ based in Lyon, France. He began studying piano at 7, and discovered electronic music at 15, producing drum n bass and hip hop tracks with friends. Influenced by the French touch of the 2000s, Yohanne released his first house music track on a Parisian label and started to remix club tracks for international DJs. In 2009, he signed a publishing deal with RedOne and produced music for Billboard pop artists. Still in love with house music today, Yohanne continues to offer his music and remixes to see smiles on the dance floor.

What the judges said:

“There was really tough competition for this spot. The standard of ideas and creativity was very high. I love this remix. It feels like a celebration of the original song and in these difficult times allows me to lose myself in movement and joy. It just feels good. I need it. The piano is really sweet.” — Jacknife Lee

2. Luvanga

Born in Switzerland to Congolese parents, Luvanga is a producer and self-taught musician/composer whose sound shows a range of influences, including soul, funk, electronic, hip-hop, African roots and jazz sensibilities.
Described as a musical architect and designer, his compositions are led by rigorous and precise orchestration, while showing strong diversity and personality. Recently he has been entering ‘beats battles’ and has won some awards in electro and hip-hop world, both in Switzerland and in France. His most recent win was in the World Music Producer Challenge, November 2019.

What the judges said:

“This one stood out to me because I love the feel —and thats thing you can’t explain. It just hits you, right? I love the intimacy of the vox and the combination with the bass and then drums drop— whoa it’s that shit!!!” — Che Pope

3. Sean Tomalty

Sean Tomalty is an independent Canadian music producer, based in Kingston, Ontario. Having released music on Ambient Wave Records, Dying Light Records, and released remixes for such famed producers as Glenn Morrison, Sean continues to take the time to get it right. Focusing on electronic and pop music, Sean will be releasing new independent works in 2021.

What the judges said:

“This is such a beautiful mix. It has an odd combination of melancholy and joy. A perfect end of the night tune. really smart idea, executed well. Nice work.” — Jacknife Lee

Featured release

  • Amazones Power

    Les Amazones d’Afrique

    Released 24 January 2020

    A creative force that embraces international voices; sweet, strong harmonies that summon the rights of women and girls; a meltdown of heritage and new gen talent… Les Amazones d’Afrique are back with Amazones Power, the sequel to their widely acclaimed 2017 debut album, République Amazone.

By Oran Mullan

Main image: Mamani Keïta records vocals for the album Amazones Power at Les Studios de la Seine, Paris.

Published on Wed, 10 June 20

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