9Bach, 2014

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The Tinc EP features remixes of four tracks from 9Bach's second album Tincian. These remixes were carried out by: Gravenhurst, who has turned Lliwiau into a "narcotised fug of heart-palpitation bass and wraith-like vocals" (The Quietus); Carcharorion, who have warped 9Bach's interpretation of traditional folk song Pa Le?, making it now sound as if celestial robots have joined Lisa Jen's extraordinary vocals; Sir Doufus Styles (Cate Le Bon, Super Furry Animals, The Flaming Lips) mix of Wedi Torri, creating a subtle reworking, emphasizing the beauty of the original, and, finally, Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals).

The Gruff Rhys remix is the first that he has undertaken in his own right, turning Asteri Mou into a haunting and hypnotic song cycle, building toward a pounding climatic finish. Rhys said of his remix:

"I love this song by 9 Bach - I worked with engineer Simon Jones in trying to exaggerate the natural rounds of the vocal parts. The plan was to create an R&B mantra that would build into a droning racket - that would transport us into another dimension, or at least out of Cardiff."

These four leftfield re-imaginings of 9Bach's unique sound are complemented by a re-recording of the band's exceptional track Bwythn Fy Nain, which originally appeared on their debut album and was recorded in a live session at Real World Studios.


  • ...a natural evolution, building on the experimentation and ambition of Tician. There are the obvious comparisons with the more well known and acceptable faces of Clannad and Enya, yet 9Bach's more unconventional approach guarantees their originality and justifies their ambition to tap into genres and bring them into bed with the folk tradition. Read more. brightyoungfolk.com (Online)
  • * * * * Financial Times (UK)