Babeti Soukous

Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau, 1989


  • ...warm, tight, occasionally rollicking soukous that is about as good as a live set gets. Q Magazine (UK)
  • Tabu's voice is high and caressing, curious... ...and questioning at times, and when the pace gets hotter and he's joined in the rich choruses with fabulous harmonies, punctuated with jazzy brass and rumbling percussion the whole thing takes off and just flies. This is delicious dance music of the most seductive kind - lots of rhumbas featuring Latin-inflected horn choruses and sexy sax solos. Folk Roots (UK)
  • Even when it was zooming along, Afrisa International's soukous had a light touch... ...the drumming virtually danced atop the beat with precise, ever changing cymbal and snare patterns. New York Times (USA)