Night Song

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook, 2012

The great - and ridiculously prolific - Pakistani qawwali singer had already recorded half a dozen albums for Real World when he delivered this peach in 1996. Effectively the sequel to 1990's classic Mustt Mustt, Nusrat is here reunited with the Canadian musician/producer Michael Brook and once again the partnership tests the emotional boundaries of the human voice. Timeless, state-less and, nearly two decades on, ageless. It wasn't made in Detroit or Memphis, but this truly is soul music.


  • A quite sensational slow-burner of an album... ...Nusrat’s incredible vocal control and gift for wending his way round an evocative melody is bolstered by Brook’s sensitive ambient, gently beat-based arrangements ... no-one deserves the extra exposure more than this peerless singer.’ The Guardian (UK)
  • A work of great beauty... album for the ages, defying genre and solidifying Khan’s stature as one of the world’s pre-eminent singers. Billboard (USA)
  • Another potentially prophetic collaboration from the Real World studios. Q Magazine (UK)
  • ...a unique combination of intricate East-meets-West ...guitar, sampled drumbeats, and rhythmic vocals the like of which you’ve never heard before...Night Song presents an incomparable voice in a challenging setting. Keyboard Connections (1996) (UK)
  • ...couldn'’t be smoother if it was silk. The world’s best singer has a gag put in his mouth and delivers an ambient album that couldn'’t be smoother if it was silk. Time Out (1997) (UK)
  • Night Song is an excellent sequel to Nusrat’'s "pop" album ‘Mustt Mustt’. Rhythm Music (1996) (USA)
  • ...stunning new context...this is a truly great record. Michael Brook unmistakeably original producer who knows how to put a great vocal instrument into a stunning new context...this is a truly great record. Folk Roots (1996) (UK)
  • ...this collaboration demonstrates a distinct stroke of genius... ...a most intoxicating spiritually uplifting cross-cultural expression. Los Angeles View (1996) (USA)
  • This collaboration with Michael Brook and his guitars provides the most natural complement to Nusrat’s harmonium-tabla drums formula, ...yet never overshadows the mystical power of his voice. The Daily Telegraph (1996) (UK)
  • ...Night Song is a Westerner’s dream of mysticism; ...the collaboration produces special, moody music. The New York Times (1996) (USA)
  • Elegant and entrancing. The Observer (1996) (UK)