Ar y 9


Released 17 July 2020

  1. Pa Bryd Y Deui Eto?
  2. Llyn Du
  3. Anian
  4. Yr Olaf
  5. Pontypridd
  6. Plentyn
  7. Wedi Torri
  8. Cyfaddefa

Liner notes

Ar y 9 is an 8-track live album recorded during the band’s celebratory UK tour of 2019, in support of the 10th anniversary re-release of their debut album. The recording features songs from each of their studio albums, 2009’s 9Bach, 2014’s Tincian and 2016’s Anian, all available on Real World Records.

‘Ar y 9’ is the equivalent Welsh expression to the English “dressed up to the nines” and reflects the band’s feeling after the addition of Andy Gangadeen to the line-up, whose more electronic sensibility and unique drumming style are evident in the recording. It also acts as a nice counter-point the previously released acoustic Noeth EP (Naked EP, in English).

Though subtle, Gangadeen’s presence is an important new dimension to the 9Bach sound, and at the very least reflects the band’s continued, perhaps renewed, desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the intersecting world of Lisa Jen’s song-writing and traditional Welsh folk music.

“From first seeing 9Bach, I was bowled over by their unique sound,” says Gangadeen, “so when I was asked if I’d be up for doing a collaboration with them —and then playing live— I jumped at the chance. On this tour I tour started introducing more textures to the set, but it’s the space in their music which allows the beauty of 9Bach’s frontline to stand out so I was very mindful of not ‘filling the space’ with electronics and beats as this would actually take away from 9Bach’s key elements…”



Lyrics and melody: Lisa Jên Brown
Music and arrangements: Martin Hoyland and Lisa Jên Brown, except ‘Pa Bryd y Deui Eto?’ and ‘Pontypridd’, traditional arranged by Hoyland, Brown, Glyn Jones, Swain, Byworth.

Performed by: Andy Gangadeen, Dan Swain, Esyllt Glyn Jones, Lisa Jên Brown, Martin Hoyland and Mirain Haf Roberts.

Recorded live on tour in the UK in October 2019 by Andy Carrington.

Mixed at Real World Studios by Oli Jacobs.
Thanks to Audio Technica for supplying microphones.

Photography by Tom Oldham. Design by Marc Bessant.

Further listening

  • 9Bach


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  • Anian


    Released 28 April 2016

    ‘Anian’ is 9Bach's third album. Like 2014's ‘Tincian’ it begins in North Wales, but broadens out through Greek and Near Eastern influences into an emotional tour de force. Angry, sad, but most of all passionate at the state of the world, the album taps into a truly universal language.

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