Venus on Earth

Dengue Fever

Released 08 June 2008

  1. Seeing Hands
  2. Clipped Wings
  3. Tiger Phone Card
  4. Woman In The Shoes
  5. Sober Driver
  6. Monsoon Of Perfume
  7. Integratron
  8. Oceans Of Venus
  9. Laugh Track
  10. Tooth And Nail
  11. Mr. Orange

Liner notes

Dengue Fever is in the vanguard of an emerging global pop sensibility, making music that’s both familiar, yet eerily unique. Fronted by Cambodian pop star Ch’hom Nimol, who sings in both Khmer and English, the Los Angeles sextet blends the rhythms of ’60’s Cambodian pop —heavily influenced by American surf, rock and early psychedelic garage bands— with their own eclectic mix of American and international styles. There are echoes of Bollywood soundtracks, Ethiopian soul, American R&B, Cambodian folk, Spaghetti Western weirdness and girl group angst in the mix, but the resulting concoction is all their own.

Venus On Earth is the eagerly awaited third release from Dengue Fever, featuring 12 original songs. The album release is supported by an extensive Summer tour of some of the biggest festivals in Europe.

"If there is any justice in pop music, we'll all catch Dengue Fever before the year is out." The Times
The official video for 'Seeing Hands'
"Sexy and eclectic, it's world music for the cool kids” Los Angeles Times


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