Continuum (Official Video Remix)

Bob Holroyd

Official video remix for the ‘Continuum’ single, released on 8 December 2020 on Real World X.

A sense of looming anxiety ticks methodically as the music begins, but the sense of unease becomes a nervous euphoria that breaks out into bursts of rhythmic energy. In many ways it encapsulates the current times perfectly, where our desire for normality and renewed social interaction is still tempered by the uncertainty of what may still be around the corner.

Holroyd has embraced this duality in the track in his approach to the two videos that accompany the release.

“I have remixed tracks for other artists in the past, and had my own tracks remixed, and it got me thinking about using visuals in the same way. Although there are two different videos for the same track, they only have the same clips in them, but some are slowed right down and effected to make them look very different, some are just looped over and over, as one might do for a club track, others are reversed or coloured in a different way – as I would if I was using sound rather than pictures.

The idea was to try and represent how I felt when I wrote the track in the first lockdown, and now, how I feel about it, and the situation in general 18 months on. The first video is darker and more confined, whereas this ‘remix’ represents more freedom, opening up, but still not fully back to the pre-pandemic days – things are still not totally back to normal.”

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