Ship Sailed (Official Video)

Bob Holroyd

‘Ship Sailed’ is a reflection on and response to the recent global events. A time of seemingly unlimited free-time, but consequently days shorn of inspiration and motivation.

“Here was a time when I had nothing else to do, and no excuse to stop me spending all day writing and recording” says Holroyd. “However, this became a huge pressure in itself, I felt that I should be getting on with stuff, but felt really uninspired. Then, I think, by not trying, ideas started coming back.”

‘Ship Sailed’ is a metaphor for these feelings, Holroyd continues, “I was wondering if I had just run out of ideas and creativity. However, by writing ‘Ship Sailed’, it has become more of a metaphorical journey towards feeling creative again. It is slow and patient, and feels like waves, waiting and it eventually develops, as I had to do.”

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