Flight Beneath the Norrthern Sky (Official Video)

Mari Kalkun

‘Flight Beneath the Northern Sky’ is the third single by Estonian singer and composer Mari Kalkun from her album Stories of Stonia. The album is released by Real World Records on July 7th, 2023.

Ants Tammik – video autor / author of the video
Simmo Saska – kaamera assistent / camera assistent
Mihkel Notta – FPV drooni operaator / FPV drone operator
Tushar Prakash – monteerija / editor
Juss Saska – eriefektid / special effects
Madli Uibokant – jumestus / make-up
Mari Kalkun – muusika ja tants / music and dance
Martin Kikas – muusika kokkumäng / music mixing
Kaur Kenk – muusika master / music mastering
Marili Jõgi (Moon Management) – korraldus / management

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