Society of Sound: Deep Deep Water

The Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound release for July 2018 is the debut record by East London quartet Deep Deep Water.

A truly collaborative project, songwriting, instrumentation and sound design are a single process in which all band members – Talia Cohen on vocals, Frankie Bowmaker on lead guitar, Jimmy Sheals on drums and Bernard Steen on synth – are equally involved.

Their songs are technical and sophisticated, with musical reference points touching on Radiohead vs. Warpaint, hints of Massive Attack / Portishead inspired trip-hop grooves, and vocal deliveries reminiscent of Bjork.

Described by NME as ‘one of London’s most exciting new acts’ Deep Deep Water will be playing at WOMAD Charlton Park on Friday 27 July.

The album was recorded at Real World Studios and produced by Richard Norris (The Grid, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve), who first visited Real World during the Recording Week of 1991.

As a subscriber to Society of Sound, the version of the album you will hear is straight-from-the-studio, with the music in its unmastered form.

Download now via Society of Sound.

By Online Editor

Published on Fri, 20 July 18

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