Imazighen (Official Video)

Bab L’ Bluz

‘Imazighen’ is the first single to be taken from the new album ‘Swaken’ by Bab L’ Bluz.
Video directed by Alden Volley.

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Swaken, released on 10 May 2024

Come, enter the world of Swaken, the wildly anticipated sophomore album by French-Moroccan power quartet, Bab L’Bluz. Eleven tracks that spark and pulse with kinetic, pedal-to-the-metal energy. Follow the spiral, and find your centre. Move and whirl, headbang and hair whip, into a place that is out there and deep within, an altered state where minds open, boundaries fall away and trust — in values, principles, ourselves — is rediscovered, made real. This is ancient-to-future music, rooted as much in psychedelic blues, funk and rock as in the trancey, propulsive rhythms of northern Africa’s Maghreb: Gnawa, Amazigh, Hassani and Houara music.

Video by Alden Volney
Director of Photography: Samadoss Maitoul
Stylist: Nada Bellam
Composers: Yousra Mansour and Brice Bottin
Lyrics by Yousra Mansour (translation from Darija to Amazigh by Siham Hafid)
Special thanks to C.M.T.R.A, Mr Tahri and Palais Soleiman (Marrakech), Marie Delorme, Siham Hafid, Benjamin Astier, Samadoss Maitoul, Alden Volney, Nada Bellam, Coline Blachon , Quentin Delaplace.

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