IWAIWA FUNK (Official Video)

Bab L’ Bluz

‘IWAIWA FUNK’ is the third single to be taken from the new album Swaken by Bab L’ Bluz. It is played on the electric mandole, sung in the higher-pitched vocal style found in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and themed to remind us that life is short, resentment is futile and dance — whirling, hair-whipping dance — is a conduit to the soul.

Condemning those who cause suffering to others or are blinded by those harmful actions and their inevitable consequences, ‘IWAIWA FUNK’ underscores the importance of listening to distress calls and never underestimating others, whilst advocating for kindness, reflection on our actions and compassion. Life is fleeting…

Video directed by Alden Volney

Lyrics by Yousra Mansour
Composers: Brice Bottin and Yousra Mansour

Yousra Mansour: lead vocal, electric mandole, qraqreb
Brice Bottin: Guembri, dub sirens, cowbell
Ibrahim Terkemani: drums
Jerome Bartolome: cowbell

Stylist: Coline Blachon

Cast: Yousra Mansour / Brice Bottin /Ibrahim Terkemani / Mehdi Chaib

Spécial Thanks to Benjamin Astier / RealWorld Records

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